Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the HUMAN High

This technique isn't largely practiced, but HIGHLY effective in getting the ultimate BUZZ!

Much like scraping the gunk out of your pipe in times of desperation, the Human High will only get you kinda baked, but when you gotta smoke... you GOTTA smoke. here is how its done...

One of your stoner friends has to volunteer his life. the longer the volunteer has been a stoner the better as you are about to smoke hers/his essence right out they dome! the volunteer does not always have to give their life in order for this to be done, it should be noted however that if you choose the RAW style Human High that the volunteer WILL NOT survive the Raw Smoking process, the only real advantage ( if you DO or DONT get a better high from smoking your friend while they are dead or alive has never been scientifically proven ) is that the volunteer can partially enjoy a little buzz of their own dank juices as they pass into that big grow room in the sky!

step 4. cut a hole in the volunteers head

step 2. light volunteers feet on fire

step 0. inhale via: head hole and IMMEDIATELY exhale/vomit

now you are high! enjoy that!