Sunday, October 17, 2010


at least ONCE in our lives we have ALL opened a bag of buddzz, eager to get our minds erased for the day, ONLY to find a stowaway. usually its in the form of a yucky smokable slug, a spider, lizard or a monkey/ape fetus... well imagine our surprise when our over seas shipment (YES our cargo van drives UNDER water) of OZ dank arrived and we found a little kangaroo who must have gotten scooped up with the huge piles of plants we ordered!!!

normally, we would have murdered the beast RIGHT away in order to consume his weed soaked flesh, but did you get a good look at those BALLZZ?!?!?! how could one living creature eat another living creature in the pursuit of getting baked from eating the marijuana tainted flesh from its bones when its got a set like THAT!! answer: who cares.

well done kangaroo... you will live to smoke another day!