Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Let it be known that each time we hip you to a NARC, we have done MONTHS and sometimes even YEARS of research to arrive at the decision to label someone a NARC. Even after we post someone's NARC status on Dank Nuggzz we always go back over the information just to be 110% sure we havent called someone a NARC who is in fact NOT a NARC. This is the FIRST and we hope ONLY time we have had to make a retraction, but we think you will agree that its near impossible to deny the facts that lead up to this NARC RETRACTION...


The Goonies


Cape Fear

Roller Coaster Rabbit

Men in Black II

A.I Artificial Intelligence

A.I. aRtIfICi4L inTeLLiG3nC333

Double Dare


Wainy Days

Flight of the ChonChords

Planet of the Apes

2001 a Space Odessy

A ClockWork ORange

The Shining

Freddy vs. Jason

how could a dude who has NOTHING to do with any of those movies be a narc????

Think About It.