Monday, December 14, 2009

Guest Post: Ako Jefferson

years in the making, but WELL worth the wait...

Ako Jefferson came through with a BANGER like only he could come through with. Nothing against Mo, Spanky, Alex or Ako, but the "HOMO CLAN" graphic in the top left is solid gold, this post could have been ONLY that logo and it woulda been crip as fuck... or a "crip ass fuck", either way, everything Ako touches turns to gold and this image is no exception to that statement. expect Dank Nuggzz to rocket to the #1 spot on the most viewed weed blogs in the world list!!

p.s. this image is a "re-mix" of an image Ako made for the great CrailTap, it was epic to start with but the tweaks he made for the Dank Nuggzz re-mix really did the trick... only thing missing is full frontal male nudity, maybe next time?