Monday, January 26, 2009

X-Tina on Ellen

All of us here at Dank Nugs NEVER EVER miss an episode of Ellen, we don't even have a Tivo, we schedule our lives around it. you can relate right? yeah, of course you can. well anyhow, our girl X-Tina stopped by the set of Ellen a bit back to talk with Ellen about her new contenintal glass bottom grow room that looks down over her custom built gold sculpture recreating the famous crime scene of the Tupac Shakur murder/suicide. they also had a chat about getting high and STAYING high. but the REAL reason X-Tina popped in was to show off some prototypes of her new signature bong!! (don't worry, we are working hard to get one of her bongs to test out for review on Dank Nugz at a later time)