Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guest post: Devon Green!

by Devon Green
When i was growing up in Mexico the pot we had was shitty and i never even got high. it wasnt until i moved to california that i really started getting stoned.cause the shit they got here is the best in the fuckin world, no doubt in my mind.
When you get fuckin high you see people for what they really are.Like if youre high around someone and they aint being real you'll know it and it fuckin sucks when peole arent being real but dont trip, that shitll make you stronger like a warrior except dont fuckin fight, just dance and if youre gonna sing, sing from the heart. People are always gonna fuck with you if youre different but fuckin nabakov lived with his parents forever and just collected butterflies all day but girls always took notice of him, because he saw the singularity of images, fuckin catchin fuckin butterflies and pinning them down and classifying them, that shit put him ahead of the curve cause especially right now in 2009 we dont even know what were looking at in the world, we dont know cause shits moving faster than itself already and if we did we could make gorceries levitate inside of safeway, but believe me all this infinities aint fuckin nothing but one thing. also sometimes when im high its like shits frozen and someones blowing sand all over the surface of that shit. if thats your deal, cool, if not, thats cool too, if you wanna live under a picninc table, that shits cool, you'll probably get the same results. if you wanna live by the beach, that shits cool too. Just be honest, theres too many fuckin liars in the world already.
Another thing is that if youre gonna make a necklace, dont fuck around cause it could be potentially really dangerous and cost you your life, trust me, i got a hold of an emerald medallion necklace from brazil once that had some bad energy attatched to it, probably cause i was fuckin around being all selfish at this flea market and anyways long story short i was cursed from that day on, still am a little bit. Its cool though, i got a new necklace now, its got a little hatchet and some beads and im not gonna lie, the hatchet isnt made of real obsidian but someday i'll have real obsidian and lots of opal too.
tommorow i'm gonna make a necklace out of a flatstone from the river and im gonna paint a rainbow on it.