Saturday, October 16, 2010

the ULTIMATE high...

I would guess most all of you have graduated from the licking frogs stage in your lives as total and COMPLETE fuck ups, if you hadn't graduated to weed, you wouldn't be reading Dank Nuggzz... you would still be reading the now defunct

anyhow, we just found out about that NEW shit... turns out all those fucking stupid frogs that are tainted with chemical sewage and growing a bunch of dumb extra legs, you know the ones im talking about right? well turns out they are DANK as living FUCK!! roll one up with your weed next time you burn one, you will NOT regret it!!
p.s. the most DANK mutant frogs are the ones whos extra legs are BRIGHT pink, its the equivalent to those funny little THC crystals on that ditch weed you been burnin... you get MASHED.