Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just bought my daily bag of pot and look what i found...
a VERY rare albino one eyed pot-monkey!! its a happy healthy mature adult!! these are the little guys that hang around marijuana plants late at night... they dont eat or smoke the weed, the scent attracts them and then they piss all over the soil which in turn makes the weed EXTRA dank!! sometimes during harvest one of the little guys will get scooped up and end up in your bag of pot! they are harmless, all they want to do is curl up and sleep in your bag of weed and from time to time they make this little purrrrrr sound when they feel the time is right for you to smoke up!! its believed by MANY elderly rasta-man that if you find a one eyed pot-monkey in your bag of pot you will have 4 1/2 hours of good luck! ive never even HEARD of an albino being found!! i think im gonna smash him (or her) into a pulp and then make hot tea with its remains!! thats GOTTA be extra lucky!!