Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dank Nuggzz NEEDS your help. (not really)

As the popularity of Dank Nuggzz grows, we are being contacted more and MORE network big-wig fat-cats to make their business more successful based on what we are doing with Dank Nuggzz... the other night CBS called us up asking for us to give their failing game show "Wheel of Fortune" the Dank Nuggzz treatment....

easy fix, ditch Vanna White and swap her out for a giant half human half marijuana budd hybrid who is called "Vanna Green(budd)".
(click image to enlarge)

thing is, CBS has cold feet, well, thats not totally true. CBS is into the idea, its just that Pat Sayjak is xxxSTRAIGHT EDGExxx and refuses to work with the marijuana mutant we developed for the show. so here is the deal, CBS wants you to vote on it, White or Green (budd). just click the link below, and if Vanna Green (budd) wins, CBS said they are going to melt Pat Sayjaks cock and balls off with a blow torch.