Sunday, December 6, 2009


Im a MASSIVE fan of the T.V. show "C.S.I.", you know? the super believable show where dipshit 1. and dipshit 2. walk around like big old fucking dicks with phat bonerz... what im trying to say is this, if you are a fan of the show like all of us here at the Dank Nuggzz internet division, you are no doubt obsessed with the technology the C.S.I. egg-heads put into action on every episode. in our eyes the best tool they have is that photoshop "enhance" filter... the one where you can zoom in on an already amazingly low quality video grab from a shitty security camera by clicking the "enhance" button that seemingly transforms 4 pixels into millions upon MILLIONS of pixels!! fucking BUTTS that is some awesome technology!! have a look at this video if you are in the dark...

For YEARS i've been trying to figure out how to get this filter on my computer, but i never had any luck. well... you can buy the filter in ANY computer or camera shop, but i wanted to find someone willing to trade a bag of weed for the filter... thats what took years to find, but i FOUND it!! Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!! on the FIRST video grab i did of what LOOKS to be a normal everyday business type guy getting CREAMED by an elderly woman running the red, i found something amazing that might just make you look at security footage in a new light. check the process...
Security Cam Screen Grab.
Highlighted area to be "enhanced".
Low res cropping of security cam screen grab.
enhanced x 1
enhanced x 2
enhanced x 3

would you look at THAT!? Turns out our stuffy ass white bread ass business man is REALLY a stoney ass mother-fucker like the rest of us!! keep up the good work buddy and keep sticking it to the man!