Thursday, December 31, 2009

SKIP 2010

Dank Nuggzz is taking all of 2010 off to enjoy a year long weed & recorder jam session induced coma. one of the main reasons is that you know how we all have a little Waldo hidden inside our brains? well we ALL do, anyhow, the only way you are gonna find him is to figuratively blow your brains out via a MASSIVE weed fueled wooden recorder jam session. plus if you are anything like us, your entire brain is made of dank at this point, taking a year off will let most of that dank soak into the rest of your aura leaving your brain ready to absorb HUGE amounts of weed in 2011.
but not to worry, we spent the last 3 evenings getting all the posts ready for 2010, we smoked a few pounds of this super secret new strain of marijuana we developed that we call "Dankstradamus", this shit LITERALLY lets you see into the future, and believe us when we tell you that 2010 is a year you will wish you were in a coma. We dont give a fuck if you join us in this coma, we hate every last one of you out there, im shocked that we are even giving you the common courtesy to warn you of a total bull shit 2010. whatever, with any luck we will wake up in 2011 to find the human race has become extinct... more weed for us. happy FUCKING 2011 you rubber ass eaters!!