Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pimp My Grow Room

there has been talk around the Dank Nuggzz headquarters about developing a Television program much like "Pimp My Ride", only we want to focus on pimping grow rooms! we recently pimped our grow room with 20 foot tall stained glass windows depicting Christina Aguilera commanding over a hovering chunk of earth inhabited by the reanimated bodies of histories most well known pot growers! its a stunning visual, you will agree! BUT we didnt choose this image based on how easy it is to beat our dicks off while looking at it as we are surrounded by the dankest plants on earth... we decided on the image because we feel it will promote a positive environment for our plants to grow, under the watchful eyes of such famous pot growers as Carl Baskinsonner, Freddy Willatamper, Kelli Peterton and Pat Bowner.

anyhow, we are filming the pilot for "Pimp My Grow Room" right now, we'll keep you dumb ass mother fuckers posted. ;)