Thursday, November 26, 2009

Danks Giving mind MELTER!!!

So i was doing some research at the Santa Cruz Public Library to come up with an image for the traditional "Danks Giving" post here on, i found a good image that was shot YEARS ago of an alien thanks giving celebration at Area 54. Nothing out of the ordinary, human sacrifice, nude aliens, giblets, Gravy... business as per usual.
but WAIT?! whats that on the wall? looks like a poster, it IS a poster... i had to dig a little deeper into this mystery, i wasnt aware the higher ups at Area 54 had hung a Norman Rockwell in the alien living quarters? after MORE digging i came to find that in fact the higher ups HAD NOT hung the Rockwell thanksgiving image on the wall and that the Aliens may have been in contact with Rockwell himself in order to commission him to make a painting for the alien thanks giving celebration.

next i had to contact the Normal Rockwell foundation to see if there was any truth to this story. after 4 months of chasing my fucking tail i finally found someone willing to talk to me about the painting... and i was right, the aliens had communicated with Rockwell TELA-PATHETICALLY and had the mother ship beam the painting to the alien compound on Area 54. I was even able to track down a .jpg of the painting.
Rockwell was a alien loving stoner. i think we all must have known that in the backs of our minds... our FUCKING minds. bitch.