Thursday, November 19, 2009

DANK NUGGZZ on location in Santa Cruz, CA.

Talk about getting back to your roots... Santa Cruz, CA... "Home of the Dirt".

this is where it ALL didn't begin. it (Dank Nuggzz) in fact began in London England, but im trying to talk about Santa Cruz here...

Every once in a while its good to take a little "inspiration felid trip", and Santa Crus is THE place. Some of our BEST friends live here, and thats what its all about!! here is a photo of 2 of the biggest inspirations to Dank Nuggzz, Both Santa Cruz natives and prolific pot smokers... Woodland Sprite and the Pink Guy. Feels good to be back!!!
p.s. this image of Woodland Sprite and Pink Guy doubles as a desktop background image for your Dell computer, it will work on a Mac or a PC as well, but we recommend you get a Dell.