Friday, October 2, 2009

Dank Nuggzz family portraits!

Thats right ya'll Todd and i have finally started in on phase # 12 of our 244 phase plan for global domination. Were ready to stomp the yard all over the family portraits competition.

We have a wide variety of different backdrops to suit whatever your family might like (backdrops limited to pictures of grow rooms, and marijuana fields). We also have an array of different weapons that you and your family can brandish to give that perfect family feel and let all other families know to stay the hell away from your drugs.

we have a competitive price point plan starting at expensive and ranging all the way to "hella expensive". but i mean cmon, you cant put a price on memories of your loved ones (and plus look at that composition, truly stunning).

hoot and holler at us if you wanna get laced off correct ya fucking idiot. ok we hate you bye bye.