Saturday, September 5, 2009

on news stands NOW!!

Thats right you bags of shit... we made the cover of Rolling Stone!!
Not only did we make the cover, but the entire issue is based on Dank Nuggzz and all the things we love, hate and LOVE to hate. this issue also features an interview with myself and Kyle that scholars are calling the best interview in the past 1000 years. BELIEVE it. here is a taste of the interview...

RS: Can you tell the world what Dank Nuggzz is about?

DN: "What with pot smoking we can do? See this cool and crazy Marijuana picture which we show you we just a little time. We do little pardoy of some popular moives , series , picture and you could recognize some stuff here. Animals is always our good inspiration and because that they are here the most."

... now imagine 100 PLUS pages of that!! merry fucking christmas mother FUCKERS!!!