Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Harvest Snapshot

what you are looking at is a snapshot from one of our recent harvest missions DEEP in the jungles of San Diego CA. I know i know, i gave up the location of one of our biggest pot farms, but trust me, it is SO fucking deep in the jungle that nobody would ever be able to discover the exact location and even IF someone did, the terrain is so damn rugged you need special trained nymphomaniac elephants to get you there and back, that is the only way. You need the leg power of 2 elephants conjoined by DEEP thrusting penetration for the length of the non-stop 4 day journey to the farm and the 6 day journey back. if the elephant that is the "pitcher" pulls out or looses his erection for even a minute the trip is a wash, you absolutely NEED the power of 2 elephants joined by sex for the duration of the trip... its the ONLY way.

whats that? oh, nice! you noticed all the guns as well... we also have a gun factory on our farm. we go through SO many guns that the only thing that made sense was to open our own private factory. jealous?