Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bong rip lung capacity test 001

What you see here is an image of a Rat taking the fattest bong rip that it can. this test was conducted in hopes that we can one day find the EXACT tipping point from MEGA stoned to DEAD. as you can see in Fig. A, the Rat has just taken a massive bong rip. you will notice in Fig. B hi-lighted in purple are the size of a rats normal lungs. The giant red mass you see are the rats lungs filled with weed smoke till they are about to burst. also, please note in Fig.C. that the sternum has broken under the pressure of the expanding lungs, this will not cause death, BUT you should be warned that when you inhale till your sternum breaks that you are DANGEROUSLY near death, so when you hear and feel your sternum shatter, you had better stop inhaling.
at any rate, this was a fun test to conduct, shopping for a rat sized bong was near impossible, so i had to talk to my friends at "FUCKALERT glass blowers association" and get them to blow a special rat sized bong! so F'ing cute i could spit!!