Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer of weed 2009 end of summer recap by Devon Green

Best shit of the summer was when Deana got her doctor 420 card and we got a eighth of ak 47 and drove to Melrose i felt like i was going into cardiac arrest and i look over at her and shes driving the car with her eyes closed at like 80 miles an hr. the wind was blowing her hair all over the place and now that i come to think of it maybe her eyes werent closed after all maybe they were open wider than ive ever seen them. Anyways the moral of the story is that we went to a pearl harbor show that night and Don Bowles was there and this was before i found out he tried to fuck Jamies friend with a broom so this was a more pure times. Not as pure as two nights before that though when we saw pearl harbor play somewhere else and then we smoked even more ak 47 and some purple trainwreck and some purple hurricane katrina in her van after shrooming downtown. Not as pure as when me and her and Juan got high at sunken city and acted like Michael Caine while tanning on a rock a hundred feet above the ocean. I might be blurring a lot of this together it was so dang hot out most of the time and you know when its humid your memories the first to betray you so bear with me. It was a long summer.
The summer of weed.
I wish it wasnt over but thats the way it goes, summer of weed turns into autumn of dank turns into winter turns into blah blah blah blah blah. I was asking these kids from Vancouver where to buy weed when im there because i was gonna go there at the end of the month and they said to either go to this nude beach they wrote down the name of or go to some alley way where everyone shoots up and the dude told me that when he was there once he saw a nude photo of Jenifer Aniston stuck to the wall with syringes. One thing ive learned this summer is it doesnt matter where you are someone will want to get high with you you just gotta ask and good things will happen. Also i learned that nothing is guranteed so you gotta learn to be resourceful and make due. For instance we went to humboldt county for this rave and we all sort of assumed it was going to be awesome but then there were all these fucking burners everywhere wearing their stupid goggles and umbrellas and shit and im just confused like why arent these people jumping off cliffs cause if i ever was a burner thats for sure what id do or feed myself to some tigers so at least some animals got fed and then my existence wouldnt be a total waste. So anyways everyone was passing joints around and shit and me and deana just kept pocketing them until we each had like four j's and then we smoked one on this cliff and then we had weed for the ride the next day. Also it was crazy the next day we went to this little diner and they had a sign that said free reggae cd with any meal over $15.00. I think the scariest thing in the world is the fact that one day the sun will burn out and there wont be any more light.