Friday, August 14, 2009

How To: get dank into the country

We get axed a hella lot how we get tons of mexican and canadian dank into the states, figured we would drop a little knowledge on all y'allz stank buttz...

here is a supply list.

1. raft (air pump optional)
2. cash
3. piles of dank
4. attractive nude woman
5. heavy weight industrial strength chain
6. SPF 45

Now, what you do is take the raft and inflate it, you can buy an air pump, but if you wanna do this the RIGHT way, you will smoke about a pound of weed and exhale all the endo smoke into the raft till its full of smoke and buoyant. Next slather yourself in the SPF, the key is to BURN one and not GET burnt, ya dig? then you pile HEAPS of dank nuggzz into the raft along with as much cash as you can fit in the remaining space, why the cash? well, it looks pretty ballin to have a raft full of dank and cash, i guess if you are not filthy rich like Kyle and myself you can just fill the extra space with dirt or whatever it is you poor people have instead of cash? this is the important part... take the chain and wrap it around the nude woman's neck and then affix it to the raft. then you jump in that thing and set sail! the nude woman will doggy paddle you from either canada or mexico into the states! also, this isnt limited to mexico and canada, but if you are going longer distances you will want to get a lighter weight chain as it tends to drown people if used for more than 1 week solid with no breaks, and you wont have time for breaks, thats key, you want to do this as fast as you can so as to avoid being seen. there you go! and good fucking luck you pieces of shit.
p.s. you dont have to use a nude woman, men work just as well if not better, but i will usually get a nude woman to pull the boat and a few hot nude men to ride in the boat with me, knowwhatimsayin?

p.p.s. be sure to give your raft a kick-butt name, thats VERY important. i named mine the "S.S. POT SMOKER" and Kyle named his the "S.S. MARIJUANA HAWK"