Monday, July 6, 2009

genie in a bong?

I thought this was common knowledge, but more and more i find that people dont know about the bong genie?! if you are like me and have known about this all along, feel free to continue on to hunk dujour and check back here tomorrow at 4:20 for the latest in pot gossip.

For those of you who are somehow in the dark, let me tell you a little bit about the bong genie... this could get very in depth, but im gonna give you the short sweet version and let you dig deeper if you feel you need to. The Bong Genie, he is why you get high. What happens is, when you spark up that green budd and take a pull off your bong, the Bong Genie channels positive vibes directly from the top of Mt. Zion and into his lungs, he then exhales into your bong as you inhale. This is why/how you get high, you didnt really think that THC crystals did anything did you? well, they DO have an important job, but "THE MAN" would have you believe that the THC is why you get high, the TCH crystals are on chron budds to attract your eye and draw you near to that sticky icky budd, its Mother Natures way of helping connect you to JAH. It is the Bong Genie that does all the work. Here is an image if the Bong Genie shot under a light made to mimic the sun beams that hit the highest most peek of Mt. Zion, it is ONLY with these sun beams that the Bong Genie can be seen...

Oh, one other thing, dont let the Bong Genies looks scare you, Mother Nature created him with no frills, he is the most streamlined vessel that could be created to channel the TRUE Mt. Zion high. in fact, if you smoke weed long enough and you open your heart to the Bong Genie, this is the form you should eventually turn into, this form will allow every breath you take in life to be a direct link to Mt. Zion. Peace be with you and FUCK OFF.

p.s. did you know that Xavier the Renegade Angel is based on the Bong Geanie? watch a few clips and see for yourself. The show was created to get the general public used to the image of the Bong Genie and the way he talks and acts.