Tuesday, June 30, 2009

now is a good time to plan for the inevitable

With all these celebrity deaths going around, i gotta figure im coming soon and so are you. we all know only celebrities read this blog, A listers only, or from what i know, i guess i only talk to the hollywood elite, i have no idea if middle to lower class people view this site and to tell you the truth... i dont care. wait, let me take that back, i DO care, i dont want this site clogged up with viewers that earn less then 80 million a year, so if you fall under the 80 mill mark, take a fucking hike asshole. you make me sick.

To the rest of you hollywood elite, this is for you. our fellow A listers and multi billionaires are dropping like flies, and there is NOTHING (aside from laying off the massive amounts of drugs we all take on an hourly basis) we can do about it. all you can really do is plan for the future, i dont mean set money aside for your loved ones, fuck those pathetic moneyless bunch of leaches. im saying to spend all of your fortune on an elaborate grave stone!

Have a look at mine as an example, its a classic. it stands 13 feet tall and is solid gold filled with diamonds, imagine a twinkie, except gold and diamonds. then i had it coated in stone to hide all the gold... not cus i want to keep people from stealing it, just as one last "FUCK YOU" to everyone, i can think of no better waste of treasure then to just encase it in stone. and if you are thinking to yourself (or out loud so everyone in the bank can hear you) "it wouldn't take more than a few billion to make that statue", you are right. but what i did was take my remaining billions in cash and flush them down the toilette!! also, my grave plot is hidden thousands of miles from anything or anyone on my secret ganja farm. im the only one who knows the location, which is even better cus nobody will EVER get to see it in real life. have a look and see what i mean. i suggest you get started today.