Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 Pac LIVES!!

im sure you have been reading in all the celebrity news blogs about all the 2 Pac sightings, well its true, BELIEVE the hype!! i dont think the story has broke just yet, but i have been informed by my undercover snitch at CNN that 2 Pac reviled some juicy info in an upcoming interview with Larry King, here is a DIRECT quote from 2 Pac. "...knowwhatimsayin' i had to get killed, i hooked up the whole thang with me getting bucked down by them fools knowwhatimsayin', i did infact die, i was killed knowwhatimsayin'. but i had to die. i learned the seret to resurecting ones self knowwhatimsayin', so what i did was get my azz blasted and decended into hell. why would a muthafucka choose to die and go to hell? ill tell all y'all... i have puffed mad weed in my life knowwhatimsayin', and i knew that some of my baddest weed must have went to hell after i smoked it, so i had to go to hell myself knowwhatimsayin', and resurect the most potent 3 nuggzz of weed i ever smoked so i could get that crippling high once again. once i was in hell, it took years and years to find those weed nuggzz, but i found em baby! and now im back with some of the best weed that ever lived, straight from hell knowwhatimsayin'!!"