Thursday, April 9, 2009


Its a sad day, yet also a joyous day...
Our beloved puppy Will Smith has passed away.
she somehow got into the west wing of our grow room and ate what looks to be 3 entire acres of weed plants. What a way to go!! Already people are making their way across this blue lump of dirt we call "Planet Earth" to visit the grave of our little puppy, its heart warming to see the G.G. style displays of affection. some of the most expensive bongs Ive ever seen have been smoked out of and then smashed over the tombstone! In an even MORE touching display, the mayor of Orange County contacted us to let us know that soooooo many people are pissing on the grave site that the ground water is now contaminated and "not fit to drink for the next 40 years" as the mayor put it. beautiful!

well, i better say a few words as i know a lot of you out there in internet land had really fallen in love with our little Will Smith, so here goes...

fuck you.