Monday, January 19, 2009

Dank Nuggzz cuisine corner

Could you even think of a better way to start your day?! See, i knew you couldn't... what can top a massive brimming bowl of DANK ass marijuana nuggets, with lots of red hairs, covered in white-ish yellow-ish fur, THC crystals as big as raw un-cut diamonds!! Sprinkled with lightly roasted almonds bathed in sea salt, plump, juicy strawberries hand plucked from the sun soaked strawberry fields of Watsonville, strawberries SO red they almost match the deep red glow of my testicals, bleeding internally from the unmerciful beating i give them each and every morning when i wake to the sounds of farmer Jensons purebread rooster howling at the setting moon! Now imagine DRENCHING those marijuana nuggets in a robust blend of columbian coffee... with hand plucked coffee beans, ground to absolute perfection and and liquified along with some PCP and converted by magic into scalding hot coffee! Coffee soaked marijuana... BON APETITE!