Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dank Nuggzz cuisine corner

"they're serving Empanadas!!" (weed Empanadas boi)

These Latin American pastries, usually filled to the brim or "stuffed to the gills" if you will, with seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit... True red blooded patriots will tell you the only way to make an authentic Empanada is to stuff it so full of kind buds that its bursting at the seams. Thought to have originated in Jamaica, where the Empanada Festival is part of the old world culture, the name comes from empanar, or to fill with cronic. Variations of this form of edible Jah Blessings are found in Cornish pasties, Italian calzone, turnovers, Pizza Pockets, GoGurt, Trix Yogurt, Caramellows and Rat Poison.