Saturday, January 10, 2009


That's right folks!! Dank Nugz is proud as fucking hell to bring you yet ANOTHER internet first!!
You are well aware that, Pen & Teller, Stephen Hawking and even crusty old Steve Jobs have been hard at work trying to develop this technology, but AS ALWAYS we beat all those dumb assholes to the punch! May we introduce to you, for the first time on the internet...


yup! good thing your finger is all limbered up from all those butthole massages you've been dishing out, so scratch the happy little pot leaf image below (for best results you might want to use a nail or some sand paper). next, press your nose up to the screen and take a BIG OLD whiff!! TASTY right?! smells like a skunk dipped in ether shit its pants! thats some GOOOOD weed!!

*requires the new and improved Dell Smelltronics Computer Window of the Future.