Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Make PERFECT Rectal Marijuana Suppositories EVERY TIME!

If you are ANYTHING like me (and i pray to God you are), i'm sure you had been making rectal marijuana suppositories by hand for YEARS. Well now you no longer have to spend HOURS on top of DAYS hand shaping and forming rectal marijuana suppositories!! Now available from Johnson & Johnson is the "Chronic Butt Blast-O-Matic 5000*"!
A contraption that makes PERFECT rectal marijuana suppositories each and EVERY time!!!

No longer do you have to spend so much time to get the ultimate high, don't get me wrong, the high you get taking your marijuana via the anus is WELL worth the time, but now making your marijuana suppositories is almost instantaneous, leaving you with all the time in the world to play your 2Pac twelve inch vinyl records and bask in your anal high !!

*supply your own sticky icky and KY jelly